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A lot of people seem to like the triangle map bunting I made for my new time lapse video of putting up the wall collage, so I thought I’d put together a quick tutorial, since it’s so easy to make. You can see more photos of the wall collage in this blog post, and please send me photos of your own if you decide to make it!

Triangle pattern (or make your own with different dimensions)
Xacto knife and cutting board OR pencil and scissors


1. Download the triangle pattern and print it out (preferably onto cardstock so it’s easier to trace). Or, create your own pattern by drawing a triangle of any dimensions you want and drawing the same kind of borders around the sides. Cut it out.

2. Place the pattern on the map and cut around it with an xacto knife. Or if you prefer scissors, trace the pattern onto the map with a pencil and cut it out.

3. Fold down the edges so you have a triangle shape with nice sharp corners.

4. Tape down the folds (I used white tape here so you could see where I put it, but transparent scotch tape works just as well). Make as many of these as you want in your banner (the one I made for the video had 9 triangles).

6. Tape the string to the back of the triangles, placing them about 2 or 3 inches apart.

7. Tack it to your wall or hang it off the edge of a table, or do whatever you want. It’s so easy that you can get really creative with that you decide to do with it. Good luck!

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Only in my house!

Only in my house!

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